Nominee  - How Lucky China )
The movie How Lucky China about the Mary Lamont Band China tour,
directed by award-winning filmmaker Leslye Abbey,
was chosen to be part of the Long Island Big Fish Film Festival! 

About the film:  The United States and China Foundation picked THE MARY LAMONT BAND, an award-winning Long Island group, to represent American music in China.  This ground-breaking tour of Mainland China was the first of its kind for country music.  Mary and her band traveled over 23,000 miles and performed in Sheyang, Dalian, Guizhou Province, Xiamen, Beijing and Nanjing.  This movie follows the band on a magical musical tour across China, proving once again that music really is the universal language.

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A movie by Leslye Abbey of Snowflake Video Productions
We are very excited about the DVD about the Mary Lamont Band in Mainland China, entitled How Lucky China, by award winning filmmaker Leslye Abbey.  China was fantastic -- This whole musical tour was like our own Hard Day's Night, hectic but exhilarating. Our tour adventure covered some 23,000 miles. In most cases, we were the only Westerners on the planes and at concerts. And we were treated like gold wherever we went. Receptions and dinners were given in our honor; huge bouquets of flowers presented to us at every show with rousing encores. We couldn't have asked for a better reception. This musical tour was truly a groundbreaking event for all involved: this type of thing had never been done before. People halfway round the world fell in love with Mary's beautiful voice and kindred spirit. Tsia-Tsia (thank you) China - Jim Marchese, The Mary Lamont Band

Winner! Best Documentary - Long Island Film Festival - Bob's Rolling Reefer

Mary Lamont's original music (co-written with husband Jim Marchese) was chosen to be featured in Bob's Rolling Reefer,
a film from Leslye Abbey of Snowflake Video Productions, directed by David Patrick:

Meet Bob, professional tractor trailer driver, and America's newest folk hero. We experience what it's like to be an over-the-road truck driver as we ride along with Bob.  Our journey begins in Ida Grove, Iowa with a tour of Mau Truck, Inc.  Then on to pick up a refrigerator trailer full of pork to be delivered to Seattle, Washington.  On our return trip we stop to load potatoes to bring to a Hy-Vee warehouse in Iowa.  This journey takes 6 days of hard driving to complete.  Along the way we meet interesting people, see magnificent western scenery, and hear Bob spin homey whimsical stories about his life on the road.  The original soundtrack by Long Island artists drives the adventure along.  All this combined with Bob's unique character makes this one of the best road trips yet!

Besides Mary Lamont's original music, the movie soundtrack also includes music by Buddy Merriam, Diane Corrado, Mark Eisemann/Dave Patrick and others.

"Bob's Rolling Reefer" premiered at the Malverne Theater in July 2000, and won "Best Documentary" in the Long Island Film Festival.  It aired on Metro Arts-Thirteen/WNET, and is now available on video:

For the "Bob's Rolling Reefer" video, send $25 (includes s&h) to:

Leslye Abbey
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Filmmaker Leslye Abbey had a short film which again featured original music by Mary Lamont, entitled Iowa State Fair, which made its debut at the Malverne Cinema, Long Island on July 15, 2001 .  

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