MARY & JIM PART OF SOLD OUT DYLAN CELEBRATION AT UNIVERSITY CAFE - Mary Lamont and Jim Marchese were honored to be a part of the annual WUSB Dylan Birthday show at the University Cafe at SUNY Stony Brook, NY.  The sold-out show arranged by WUSB's Charlie Backfish featured an amazing group of performers, including Pete & Maura Kennedy, Rod MacDonald, Caroline Doctorow, Russ Seeger, Rob Stein and Brian Kachejian, with sound by Bill Herman of Paradiddle Records. Joining Jim and Mary on their portion of the show was Russ Seeger on fiddle, Rob Stein on pedal steel, and Pete Kennedy on guitar – a magical gathering!  Click here to listen
Here are some samples from
Mary Lamont’s 2nd CD
“How Lucky”
(Lammar Records) :

Count Me In                         streaming    download

How Lucky                           streaming    download

That You'll Be Lovin' Me    streaming    download

I'm in Trouble Now             streaming    download

You Walked Away              streaming    download

Ontario                                  streaming    download

I'll Walk with You                 streaming    download

Above songs written by and © Mary Lamont & Jim Marchese, Fog Horse Music, ASCAP

Check out our version of These Boots Are Made for Walking
(Nancy Sinatra's hit, written by Lee Hazlewood, Criterion Music):
These Boots Are Made for Walking    streaming   download

And our adaptation of Poor Boy Blues
written by Paul Kennerley,
courtesy of Irving Music Inc./Little March Music (BMI)
(originally recorded by Chet Atkins & Mark Knopfler):
Poor Girl Blues                streaming   download



Here are some sample clips
from Mary Lamont’s debut CD
“You Don’t Have to Knock” (Lammar Records)
Here are sample clips:


Sweepin' the Floor        streaming   download

Get Twanged                 streaming   download

Dance in a Line             streaming   download

So Nice to See You      streaming  download

Just Come On In            streaming   download

Lock the Door                 streaming   download

Already Over You          streaming   download

It Filled Up Her Mind     streaming   download

Take This Ride              streaming   download

All songs written by and © Mary Lamont & Jim Marchese, Fog Horse Music, ASCAP,

except So Nice to See You, written by and © Russell Alexander

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